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Four dalit women have been fined by the 'upper caste' community for entering a temple in Sigaranahalli in Holenarsipur.

However, women are not willing to pay the fine as they state that they also contribute to the temple festival, reported The Hindu.

Built in 2001, the dalit women entered the Sri Basaveshwara Temple along with other women as part of the Sri Basaveshwara Stree Shakti Sangha, a self-help group, for a special puja on August 31.

A male member of the Vokkaliga community, Devaraja, objected to the entry of the Dalit women, said report.

Thyamma, one of the Dalit women, apparently questioned this and the penalty of Rs 10,000 was imposed on the Sri Basaveshwara Stree Shakti Sangha by the ‘upper caste’. They also insisted that the temple be ‘purified’.

The community hall is also not allowed to be used by the Dalit community.

Interestingly the village of Sigaranahalli is near Haradanahalli from where former PM Deve Gowda hails.

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