Dalit Brothers from UP who cracked IIT faced Caste hatered also

Dalit Brothers from UP who cracked IIT faced Caste hatered also

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It was not just straitened financial circumstances but also the villager's casteist mindset that the two dalit brothers fought along their way to achieving their IIT dream. Caste biases run so deep here that even as they returned home feted by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday, stones were thrown at their house. 

There were five or six stones thrown at their home. Otherwise the villagers have become nice to them, especially since they shot to limelight after their incredible IIT success. 

It wasn't always like this. The villagers would mock the Dalit brothers when they dared to study. They were told that as dalits, they need not study any further as they have no future. Even their drainage line was cut off a few weeks ago. But, the family today is being idolized by the same villagers.

When Brijesh was applying to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya for the first time, villagers had said he would never get through. As if that wasn't enough, when his roll number appeared in the list of those selected, a neighbour tore up the newspaper and threw it away. 

The upper caste people always used to pull the them back. There were no words of encouragement. 

When Raju applied a year later, 40 other children had applied as well. Only Raju made it. The people then said that their family had some source, that's why they got the admission. 

Admission into Navodaya School was  turning point for Brijesh. It is visible in his fluent english and polite conservation. Before Navodaya, the boys were always pulled into the caste yolk. They were asked their caste by villagers, bus drivers and co-travellers. As the two brothers were studying in city the jealous Upper caste people even demanded cancellation of their family's BPL card. 

Still there were few good people who used to encourage encourage them as well. One young boy Rakesh Jaiswal labelled them stars of the village since their Childhood. Rakesh himself toom CPMT exam but he couldnt clear that. 

Hare Ram Yadav, principal, Vikas Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya, where the two brothers had studied till class V, and who till a couple of days back had told Raju it would've been better had he had taken ITI.  The principal was trying to tell him contribution in their success. He tactfully concealed the fact that in 2005, one of the teachers had beaten young Brijesh when the 10-year-old had questioned his Sanskrit translation. 

"Yeh log aapke saamne naatak karte hain. In logon ne hamara bathroom jaane ka rasta bhi band kara diya hai aur aaye din dhamki dete rahte hain" (these people are acting before you. They had even blocked the path I took for bathroom)," said Shiv Nath Saroj, the grandfather of the Saroj brothers. 

"They've stopped all the approach paths, barring one, for our house claiming that it was their own land. Had it not been thin lane, we could have not able to move out to go to the loo in the open," he added with moist eyes. 

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