Tension prevails in Tamil Nadu village after a Dalit youth marries upper Caste woman

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Tension prevailed at Somampatty in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu on Monday night after Vanniyar caste people ransacked at least eight houses belonging to dalits.

The incident took place after a dalit man had married a Vanniyar woman. The couple has been identified as P Saravanan of Somampatty and M Priya of nearby Vilaripalayam.

Priya's father, Matheshwaran, is the district secretary of PMK's auto trade union.

They got married at a temple a few days ago. The issue came to light after the couple approached the Karipatty police on Monday. They requested the police to protect them as they feared their relatives would kill them if they came to know about the marriage.

The Karipatty police called the parents of the couple for peace talks on Monday evening. However, the talks didn't yield any good results.

After the peace talks, a group of Vanniyars went to Somampatty and ransacked eight houses, including Saravanan's. They also hurled petrol-filled bottles at the houses.

A man, identified as S Arumugam (40) of Somampatty, was injured in the incident. He was admitted to the government hospital in Vazhapadi.

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