Naidu Accused of Being Anti-Dalit

Naidu Accused of Being Anti-Dalit

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Andhra Pradesh Dalit Mahasabha secretary Katti Padma Rao has called CM N Chandrababu Naidu anti-Dalit and predicted his downfall, given the way he is acting.
Addressing mediapersons here Sunday, Padma Rao accused Chandrababu Naidu of snatching away assigned lands being cultivated by Dalits across the state, more so in the capital region spread across Guntur and Krishna districts. The state government had not paid any compensation to poor Dalit farmers and in the last one year of his rule, not a single acre was distributed to landless Dalits, though there is 80 lakh acres of non-irrigated land available with the government.

He claimed that the Dalit Mahasabha had aspired for the separate state expecting lands for the landless Dalits, so they too can lead a respectable life. “Moreover, his government seems to be determined to see that Dalits do not progress and are exploited. Perhaps with that intention only he had set up cheap liquor shops in every Dalitwada. Though he had promised to remove belt shops before the elections, it is rather unfortunate that his government itself is running liquor shops now,” Padma Rao said.

The Dalit leader said cheap liquor shops in Dalitwadas are being run by ruling party activists and what little poor Dalits earn is being taken away by making them addicted to liquor. “Through such liquor shops, the government is earning Rs 14,000 crore,” he said. Citing the practice of free bicycles being provided to girls pursuing Class VI to X in other states, Padma Rao said the Chief Minister does not want such schemes in the state as nearly 95 per cent of his own caste people are educated and do not need bicycles to go schools.

He said Chandrababu Naidu may or may not escape from the cases in Telangana, but he will not escape the cases to be booked against him by Dalits for his negligence and anti-Dalit stance.

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